Tehran Label

The collection of Tehran Label has started its activities since 2001 in the framework of production, printing and selling the different kinds of set marks in the world (in density and variety of colors) and multifarious sizes that are proportional to the product
Ornamented and super-eminent pendant cards along with special molds, leather mark, fabric mark textures, the existence of pendants and tags for introducing and making products to appear better(cloth and garment), are considered as a part of Tehran Label products
This collection has been accompanied with its specialized design team and has been possessed the most equipped and up-to-date machines of the world, therefore it paves the way for offering and presenting the high quality products for respected customers

The Services of Tehran Label

Possessing of 20 years in the domain of experience in Set Mark Industry of the World

Why Collection of Tehran Label.

1. Consultation

Before presenting or implementing any services, at first we pave the way for customers to be counseled.

2. Design

After counseling and placing consumer in need assessment step, we will design the customer’s product.

3. Quality and Optimal Price

Ideal quality in implementing projects, orders along with suitable price and tariff for customer’s orders.

4. Printing

After designing, we will deliver the completed order to the customer.

Fabric Mark

Shiny, embossed and Lame fabric

Fabric Marks and weave with twisted models in different sizes [along with a variety of colors] are offered in Tehran Label malls.
Fabric and weaved labels are resistant all the time against washing and have a high durability as well. It should be considered that this kind of label is appropriate for special works.
Fabric and weaved labels are resistant all the time against washing and have a high durability as well. In the following you can see the samples of tags and fabric labels and the weave.

Pendant card

Tag and pendant card is considered as one of another service of Tehran mall that has been welcomed for the customer given to the variety of products for introducing the brand on clothing.
These kinds of products can be considered for introducing the brands on the clothes, bags, shoes and other products
(simple laminate – laminate – uv embossed laminate- silver laminate – gold laminate – coated paper- Fabriano cardboard– linen-fanatsy- kraft paper).

Leather Cards and Mark

In leather labels, fashionable and unique appearance, high quality, drawing attention and highlighting your brand are significant. Many clothing manufacturers use this kind of label for introducing luxury products.
In the following, we will see more samples of leather labels printed by Collection of Tehran Label.

Washing instructions, satin and paper

Printed Brochures

Label brochures entail clues and signs so that you can wash your product properly that encompass information as washing temperature, the way of washing, drying, and the other processes embedded in this domain. In ribbon material, Satine or paper polyester is produced.
Printed labels comprise a variety of colors, designs, materials, suitable prices and special creativity.

Gluey Label

This product is used for packing a handbag or interposing information and specifications about products. Gluey labels play a vital role in introducing products.
In the following, we invite you to visit multifarious and creative samples of gluey labels produced by Tehran Label.

Some Characteristics Related to the Services of Tehran Label Mall


Applying creative and experienced designers


Implementing project directly and immediately

Fast delivery

High acceleration in implementing the project and delivering it to the customer


Considering the standards in design and printing


Considering the branding based on the type of product

Time management

Time management due to starting and delivering orders

Todays, brand building along with branding is deemed as a new process that is used to create differentiation and pave the way for the awareness of customers, as well as customer loyalty and knowledge of the customer toward the product
And the goal of the brand building in Collection of Tehran Label is concerned with your product and your manufactures
Brand advertising is one of the important pillars of sales for you so that you can introduce your manufacturers to the market
Tehran Label is ready to provide services in the field of production of advertising products and branding of clothing and apparel

How do we work ?


production and delivery

Order of your product will be sent to the production hall after financial confirmation due to placing in the production process and then after the production, the packing process and readiness for delivering it to the customer will be prepared.

Cost estimating

Your product design will be sent to the production process by issuing invoice and financial confirmation after receiving information including the required numbers, the need for cutting or folding or the need for stiffness and etching.

Designing the product

In this step, the design team will design the primary sample of your product and then after controlling the designed sample and confirming it by you, it will be delivered to the production hall for implementing the next measures.

Receiving the order

In this step, In case of counseling for improving the work and then to send it to the next stage by confirming the sample and its density, the primary sample will be controlled.

We certify that whole the products of the company are offered with the best quality and the high-grade raw materials for the respected manufacturers
The collection of Tehran Label is ready to present its services by producing different kinds of shiny, embossed and Lame fabric marks, various sizes of fabric mark, pendant card, leather mark and card, washing instructions related to Satine and Paper material, printed brochures and also gluey label

Our brands and customers

Free consultation or order registration for the design and production of brands and labels
It is possible to register an order in person through WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram and the website

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